Sunday, December 6, 2009

and we're up!

You'll find out what the title means at the end of the blog.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. We have been so busy around here. Thanksgiving was great fun---lots of family, food, football, food, teething, food, and lack of sleep. No, really it is was very special, especially since it was Margaret's first Thanksgiving. Wade and I got up early Thanksgiving morning and walked the 5 mile Boulevard Bolt. Then we gathered at his grandmother's house for our first meal and celebration. Finally, we settled in at my parents' house for our final meal. It was all very delicious and special---so nice to have my sister and her family in town! We think Margaret is getting a few teeth in all at once, so she had some trouble sleeping. However, we made it through and finished the night off with the annual viewing of Christmas Vacation--yes!
We also celebrated Daddy's 30th Birthday . . . a couple of times!

Margaret loves her daddy. She also loved the candles on his cake. We had a smaller version of our grooms cake from our wedding. Delish!

Apple Cake with Caramel Icing
Over the weekend we traveled back up to my parents' mountain house, so Wade could meet with a client. It snowed----gorgeous!

Margaret's First Snow

If only we had a snowsuit . . .

Why do these people want me to smile? I'm cold.

Pretty Sweet


And Daddaddy let Margaret listen to his Ipod.
She was very confused but loved it!

and now what you've been waiting for . . .

Margaret started crawling this week, and over the weekend she really perfected it! It has been so much fun to watch her discover this process. She can even go from belly to sitting up all by herself. I know that once she starts there is no stopping her, but we are just so proud of our little preemie baby. She is such a big girl now. Every milestone just melts my heart! Happy holidays!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween & Mountain Time

Happy Halloween!

One advantage of having a nine month old is you can pretty much dress them up in whatever you like, and they don't care---well, most of the time. I enjoyed dressing Margaret up all last week in multiple costumes. She was a flower (thank you, Tricia) and a pumpkin a few times, and for the most part she liked it.

Hats--not so much!

Although, she thought Mommy's hat was really funny.

Halloween afternoon we dressed Margaret up in her pumpkin costume and visited a few houses. Our last stop was Grandma and Grandpa's house. Margaret loved her bag of board books--thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Daddy even tried on Mommy's hat--he made a great witch! When we got home, Margaret enjoyed greeting the trick-or-treaters, and we tried to get a good shot of our punkin' with our other pumpkins on the front step. Not too successful-she wanted to grab the pumpkins and fly off the steps---

Here's a shot of music class earlier in the week. Margaret loves going to class--it's a great time for us to sing, play, and relax together! She loves to tap the drum and shake the maracas!

One afternoon Wade and I had to wake Margaret up from her nap, and we were shocked to find her like this---

bottom completely up in the air! Hilarious! I guess she really is like Daddy--sometimes he sleeps with his knees in the air---weird!

Last weekend we traveled up to Monteagle again to visit my sister and her family. My nephew, Hudson, had his fall break, so we all took advantage of the extra day off from school. The colors on the mountain were beautiful---here's a wonderful shot off the deck!

I played photographer over the weekend and tried to get some good shots of my sister's family for their Christmas card. I won't show any of them just in case she uses one. It was pretty hard to get a 3 month old, a 31/2 year old, and a 6 six year old to look at me and make a pleasant face all at the same time!

I also took some pictures of Katherine in a basket. Don't ask me why--we were just trying to be creative. Margaret decided she wanted to be in them too!

Did I mention Margaret has some teeth coming in right now? Actually, they have been coming in for over a month, but we can really see and feel them now. Look closely and you'll see them.

Hudson is now in Cub Scouts, and over the past few weeks he built a boat with his dad. Charlie didn't want to miss out on the fun, so he built one too. We ventured down to the lake one afternoon to try them out on the water. Very successful--way to go, guys!!!

Then we headed to the dock to do a little fishin'. The boys loved it and even caught a few fish.

The girls hung out on the porch and enjoyed the peacefulness . . .

and another photo-shoot!

Curious Katherine

and true happiness!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We took a family trip last weekend to Gentry's Farm in Franklin. It was a gorgeous Sunday, and a perfect day for some pumpkin pickin'! We met our friends, the Malones, out there for some afternoon fun! (Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch was closed due to weeks of wet weather.)
Here's a great shot of our little lamb and her Alaskan mountain climber, Crosby, in the corn maze! I don't think they really understood the concept of the corn maze; they were a little bored with the rows of corn (maybe next year).

Next we stood in line for the hayride . . . for about 20 minutes! It was a long line (see below).
We have such good little babies; they waited patiently for the ride without too much fuss.

It was well worth the wait--such a peaceful ride over the beautiful farm.

Perfect day!

Got milk? Miss Moo was a little jealous.

Comfy in her Daddy's arms

Family photo on the hayride

Then on to a photo shoot with the pumpkins . . .

I just love those baby blue eyes and that curious expression!

Crosby was hilarious--he kept throwing his hands up in the air. It was so cute! I think Margaret felt a little jealous, because her pumpkin didn't have a stem.
Don't you just love their matching outfits?

Or maybe Margaret was just amazed that she saw a few more stars. Nicole and Keith (yes, we're on a first name basis) were standing just a few feet away from our photo shoot--pretty cool!

Where did my stem go?

Sandy the goat meets Margaret.

Margaret enjoyed staring at her boyfriend and his mom through the rooster pen.

In the mini-maze with the moms. . .
(Notice the full diapers--I think it was time for a changing.)

On the antique church pew

I love this next one. Margaret is saying, "Mommy, please stop taking pictures of me. I am cold and want to go home!"

All in all it was a great afternoon. It definitely got us in the mood for fall. I can't wait to make pumpkin bread, carve our pumpkin, and sit by the fire. Every adventure now is so much sweeter, because we have Margaret Belle in our lives.