Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Time

My favorite photo---so far!


Love the bottom lip

She was pushing up on her arms.
(Alternative Tummy Time)

The start of a great friendship

Sugar Pie

Beautiful Girl
These photos are some of my new favorites of Miss Margaret. I finally found a way to copy them from my phone!

We are all doing well. Margaret surprises us each day with new tricks: giggles, jibber-jabber, rolling over from stomach to back (I can't seem to catch it on camera!), batting at objects, taking naps, sleeping through the night, pushing up on her arms, and SMILES, SMILES, SMILES!!! I weighed her last week on a puppy scale at my friend's vet clinic (I was desperate to know), she was 10 pounds, 12.5 ounces---what a big girl!
Enjoy this adorable video of Margaret and her jibber-jabber taken the first week of May!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baptism and Mother's Day

Holding our little blessing on her Baptism Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

Safe in Daddy's Arms

Margaret wore the same dress that her mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle wore.

Margaret's new friend, Billings. It was his special day too!

Cousin Hudson is so much fun!

Wow--Our family photo . . . and this wasn't even all of them.

Margaret's Uncle Michael baptized her.
What a special memory!
Margaret with Grandma and Grandpa Rick
Happy Mother's Day!
Margaret with Daddaddy and Mama Susie
Happy Mother's Day!
After the ceremony, we went to G-G-Ma's for a reception.
Margaret changed into her father's christening gown- what a beautiful antique!
Margaret with Grandaddy Bob

Margaret with Great Grandma Rick
Happy Mother's Day!
Margaret with G-G-Ma and a 100 year old bonnet!
Happy Mother's Day!
She looked like a little doll!

This Mother's Day was very different than my first one. Last year I was a mother, but I was not filled with joy and happiness on this day. I was full of sorrow over the loss of James. Friends and family didn't know what to say to me. Was it my first Mother's Day or not? So I spent most of the day hidden away inside my home crying and wandering why this horrible thing happened to me.
This year I woke up to the sound of my beautiful daughter. We enjoyed a peaceful morning of breakfast in bed and many sweet kisses. Wade even gave me a beautiful strand of sea pearls (Margaret means pearl)!
Then we traveled to church for Margaret's Baptism. We arrived early and fed her in the nursery. Wade, Margaret, and I sat in the parlor during the first half of the service and slowly dressed Margaret in her baptism gown. After the homily, we entered the sanctuary for the baptism. The church was full of many family members and friends. Uncle Michael (my brother-in-law) baptized Margaret. She was so calm during the baptism looking around with this curious expression and moving her hands. Michael did such a wonderful job and held her so carefully in his arms. My father was the assisting elder, so he walked Margaret around the church during the anthem proudly showing her to the congregation and little children sitting in the front. Wade and I received a candle and certificate to remember this blessed day. Then we left with our little miracle.
After church, we traveled to Wade's grandmother's home for a brunch with family and friends. Margaret wore her daddy's christening gown at the party. There was delicious food, special little petit fours with pale pink crosses, beautiful flowers, and many proud mothers. We enjoyed watching our nephews play, Margaret sleep, and our loved ones socialize.
I am so blessed to have little Margaret in my life. I hope that she will always know God's love. Wade and I will share these stories and memories with her in the many years to come, so that she can remember her baptism. I can't believe that I am her mother. I am a mother--wow! I think it is finally starting to sink in---I thank God for my two gorgeous children!

Margaret celebrated four months last Saturday! She went to the doctor today for her check-up. She weighed almost 10 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. Her head circumference was actually on the curve for a four month old--20% percentile! She must have a brilliant brain in there! It was a wonderful appointment, and we don't have to go back for two more months.

By the way, the last two evenings Margaret slept 9 hours straight--what a thoughtful Mother's Day gift!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009