Saturday, August 29, 2009


Sweetimers--(short i sound) a common word in our house meaning the sweetest thing in the world!
Mama Susie and I took little Miss Margaret to the park this week and tried out the swing. She loved it, so peaceful and relaxing. (Considering she hated her stationary swing in our house, it was pretty surprising. Although, this swing was a little different--Mommy pushes it and gives the little cutie attention. She's not stupid!)

I love her closed-lip smile! It makes her eyes look like Daddy's.
Has anyone seen my hair? Granddaddy Bob?

Action shot--those little legs were just kicking away!

We continued to have a very eventful week. Margaret started Monday with a little runny nose, no fever or rash. However, the drainage caused her to cough and gag. Unfortunately, Thursday afternoon this drainage problem really got to her, because the poor thing threw-up all over herself and her carseat. Sweet potatoes completely covered everything! I could have handled a little vomit, but she could not quite clear her throat and continued to throw-up for the next thirty minutes. So we headed straight to the pediatrician's office to investigate. The pediatrician didn't hear any congestion in her lungs (thank-goodness) and said that we better be on the safe side and give her pedialyte for the next 24 hours to make sure it wasn't a bug. (We ended up giving her breastmilk that evening, because she was really distraught without it.) Luckily, she was vomit-free the rest of the night and the next day. So it probably was just some drainage causing her to gag (lovely, I know).
All this to say, we had to take a bath that afternoon and Miss Moo was quite taken with this precious beauty in the mirror!

Who are you?

She tried to reach out and touch her---adorable!

I referred to her closed-lip smile earlier. Well this is her mouth-open smile---just as cute and in my opinion makes her look like Daddaddy.

Finally, I'll end with a video. Mama Susie was trying to keep Margaret happy in Babies "R" Us one afternoon, while I finished shopping for essentials. She found this cute little bear, pulled the legs, put it down in front of Margaret, and this is what happened---

Monday, August 17, 2009

Firsts, Friends, and Family

Over the past few weeks, Margaret has accomplished many new tasks. Here is a great shot of what we are trying to do once or twice a day---eat solid foods, well kind of solid! Margaret has tried cereal, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and peaches. It is hilarious to watch her try to eat. She definitely wants it. However, once it is in her mouth, she is not so sure about the new taste.
For the most part, she likes it!

We have also enjoyed getting together with many friends and family members over the past few weeks. One of my best friends from high school and youth group surprised us a few weeks ago. Ellen spent the last year and half traveling and working abroad in South America, New Zealand, and most recently Sweden (her boyfriend is from Sweden and is studying there). Anyway, she was home for a month, so Margaret had the chance to get to know Ellen and spend some time with her. Margaret was quite taken with Ellen and will miss her this next year! (Ellen is now traveling to Poland to work in an International School as a second grade teacher.)
We also had a wonderful afternoon a week ago with our good friends, Danielle and Crosby! After lunch, we spent the afternoon tax-free shopping in the Cool Springs Mall, until the kiddos could no longer take it. We stopped for a snack (milk) and photo-shoot in the Belk restroom and lounge (what a fabulous space!).
I have to show all of the photos because they are just so precious!

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Rick--so relaxing and yummy! Margaret loved all of the attention and kisses from Grandma Emmie! She said that next time she wants a cupcake!

A few more firsts . . . I am happy to report Margaret is now sleeping on her back (instead of in the carseat) inside of her crib. It seems like the reflux is decreasing, so she can handle sleeping on her back. Some nights she will sleep until 7/7:30 in the morning, and other nights she is up at 3 am. We are still trying to work out what time to put her down for the night. She seems to sleep later when we put her down later at night, but I just don't think babies are suppose to be up until 9/9:30. We were up at my parents' cabin this weekend, and she slept until 8/8:30 both mornings. I don't get it! Maybe we should just move up there---is that okay, Mom and Dad?
Anyway, Margaret had a wonderful time playing in the mountain house and meeting Mama Susie and Daddaddy's friends. She also did a full roll for the first time this weekend at the mountain house---I love watching her discover new things; she is just so incredible!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Margaret meets solid food! First, we tried cereal by itself. She was not too thrilled with it, so we added a little banana. She definitely liked the sweet addition. It's hard to remember that this spoon/swallow thing is totally foreign to her. We'll see--hopefully in a few weeks she'll be eating like a champ! Enjoy!