Monday, June 29, 2009

Swimming, Father's Day, and NC Trip

Can she get any cuter?
Margaret's First Swim

Wearing her adorable Strawberry Swimsuit and Hat
Swimming at G G Ma's House with Daddy

Wade's wonderful Great Uncle Neil passed away a few weeks ago.
After a family graveside service, we gathered at G G Ma's House for a luncheon.
Margaret joined us for lunch and enjoyed sitting with Great Aunt Libby!

Almost every evening, Margaret and Daddy go for a walk outside.
She is usually a little bit fussy and in need of some attention and distractions,
so Wade enjoys walking her around the trees and flower beds.
She is going to know all of the scientific plant names by age 2!
Happy Father's Day 2009!
Here we are at the end of a long, special day.
Margaret and Daddy have fallen asleep.
Wade's favorite thing to do is smell Maggie Moo's head.
She has the best smell--I don't know how she gets it,
but Wade thinks that it is the best Father's Day gift of all!
We started out the day opening gifts from Margaret
and making Daddy a special Father's Day breakfast.
Then we headed over to Grandpa Rick's House
for a delicious lunch with Wade's favorite, lamb chops.
Great Grandpa Rick was even there!
We spent the afternoon out at Arrington Vineyards celebrating the birthday of our good friend, Linsay Ozier. It was hot out there but a good time to get together and celebrate!
Then we traveled back into town to eat dinner at Mama Susie's house and wish Daddaddy and Great Grandaddy Bob a Happy Father's Day!
Mama Susie even made a yummy cherry pie, another one of Wade's favorites!
A few days later my good friend, Marie Anderson, stopped by for a visit.
She is living in New York, acting and teaching drama.
We had such a fun visit; Margaret just loved her!

Driving to North Carolina to see Aunt Lolli, Uncle Michael, and the Cousins!
Cousin Charlie fed Margaret a bottle at Cousin Hudson's Baseball Game.

Cousin Hudson took good care of little Maggie Moo.
He loved to entertain her, and she loved all of the attention!
Cousins are so much fun--we love them!
(Charlie, otherwise known as Batman, wore his Batman PJs all week!)
Aunt Lolli loving on Margaret--we can't wait to meet the baby girl coming in July!

Kissy Time with Aunt Lolli
(Aunt Lolli is wearing the prayer necklace we made for her.)

Kissy Time with Mama Susie
Margaret was such a good baby on this long trip. We had to stop many times to feed her, but other than that she was pretty happy. Mom and I spent four days up in North Carolina. We enjoyed wonderful food, a day trip to Asheville, and spending time with Laura before she gives birth to her baby girl.
Over the past month, we collected beads and sweet notes from family and friends and made Laura a prayer necklace to wear during labor. We presented the necklace to her during this trip along with an album full of letters, poems, scriptures, and wishes. It was a very special trip, and the next time we see them they will be a family of five!
Margaret continues to grow and make the most incredible accomplishments. Lately she is reaching for objects and pulling everything close to her mouth, especially her hands. She likes to grab her ears and yesterday she almost had her toes! I caught this cute video on my phone last night---she loves to spit and make noises with her mouth, so Daddy and Maggie Moo were copying each other--what fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Months Old!!!

Margaret is 5 months old today! We have no idea her current weight or length, but she is definitely filling out her 3 month outfits. Hopefully, she will wear some more 3-6 month clothes before she actually turns 6 months. To be honest, I hate to see her grow too quickly, because I love this little infant stage.

She continues to battle reflux, but we haven't seen many eruptions in the last week or so. We just have to use all of our little tricks to keep the milk down. She still sleeps in her car-seat at night. We tried using a wedge again in her crib, but with all of the extra room she wakes herself up and doesn't know how to soothe herself back to sleep. We'll get there---it's just a process.

Margaret and one of her first boyfriends, Crosby, at the mall--what a cute couple!!!

One of the best discoveries of the week was Margaret's tongue. She found it, and it makes noises! At first, I thought she was hungry and offered her a few varieties of milk. She wasn't hungry at all; she just wanted to make some noise---so enjoy!

(Sorry about the picture--I used my phone to take this video.)