Saturday, September 18, 2010


(WARNING: This is a long one!)

Well . . . I can't believe it's been over three months since I have posted. That's pretty ridiculous, but we've been busy. Busy going to the beach, the hospital, Morganton, Monteagle, the zoo, music class, Mother's-Day-Out (MDO), the swimming pool, and many, many doctor's visits.
Margaret has developed so much in just three months. At the beginning of the summer she was walking but pretty hesitant on her feet. Now she is full out running, spinning, and even attempting to jump, which is pretty hilarious to witness! I think she has gained over 2 pounds in the last few months, and her hair is finally starting to grow and thicken. Her vocabulary is expanding by the minute. I love the little phrases she puts together "daddy's shoes" and "beep by boo" (peek a boo). Her favorite song is "Old MacDonald"; she loves to sing the "ee-i-ee-i-o" parts and gets upset if you don't sing the verses. I love waking up to her chanting, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, dada? (pause) mommy, mommy, mommy, dada?"
The biggest event of our summer (even considering Margaret's second surgery and her full arm cast) has to be the news of our third pregnancy. We were all pretty shocked in May to find out that we were expecting again and that I was already 6 1/2 weeks along, but after that first ultrasound and appearance of a heartbeat Wade and I fell in love immediately with the idea of having another child. We always wanted to give Margaret a sibling but didn't know if it was going to be possible. We didn't know if my body could handle another one, if our hearts would be brave enough or even our faith strong enough to go through this miracle.
However, here we are. We are doing it and I have to say that both my body and spirit are holding up nicely. We are just over 23 weeks along, and I feel great. I am still on the lowest possible dose of blood pressure medicine; there is no trace of protein in my urine (a major sign of pre-eclampsia); and I only see my main OB, Dr. B. From this point on I will see him every two weeks with an ultrasound every four weeks. The baby looks great and is measuring right where he or she should be (by the way, we're not finding out the sex this time around!) The doctor hasn't placed any restrictions on me but wants me to be mentally prepared for bed-rest in the future--we'll see, maybe not!
But that's just the physical update, I don't think I have felt this good mentally or spiritually in years. God is truly working in my life. I am full of gratitude right now. Wade, Margaret, and James are the greatest gifts God has ever given me. I am so blessed, so I don't fear anymore. This probably doesn't make sense to anyone but me and might sound strange, but I know that even if something goes wrong with this pregnancy I am going to live through it and we'll be okay. I have an amazing husband, a precious daughter, a loving family, the greatest friends, and most importantly God is with me. What more could I ask for? As much as my personality will allow (haha), I tend to let things roll off my back now. Traffic . . . oh well. Margaret's tantrums . . . it'll pass. Blood pressure checks . . . just a routine procedure. I don't fear the next few months or if this baby has to go to the NICU for a few weeks. I am thankful for all of our life experiences and for the opportunity to strengthen my faith.

Sooooo . . . I apologize for not updating more frequently but here is a photo album of all of our summer adventures . . . Margaret is naturally the star of most of them!

Announcing our exciting news!

Wade and I never get out alone or dress up, so here is a pic of us before the Swan Ball. P.S. We found out we were expecting a few days before this night, and I felt pretty sick!

Rosemary Beach Girls Trip 2010

Margaret and I joined my mother, sister, and niece Katherine for a week on the Gulf Coast. This was Margaret's first experience on the sand. She wasn't the biggest fan.

Even sitting on the towel looking at the sand disgusted her.
I love this face!

She wasn't a big fan of the sun either!

So we had to take most of our photo-shoots on the bricks.
Margaret and her cousin Katherine

Our little ballerinas

My sweethearts

Mama Susie trying to help Margaret adjust to the sand.

Beach Babes

and another set of beach babes . . .

Margaret loved the nightly festivities on the lawn.
Here she is dancing.

I quickly learned that sandals were the way to go.
Ocean shot

I love this boardwalk shot . . . should be a postcard!


Katherine and Margaret loved the bike buggy.

Group shot- we had so much fun on our girls trip!
Thank you Mama Susie!

Ponte Vedra 2010
A few weeks later Margaret and I decided it was time to take Daddy to the beach :) ! We had a few days as a family of three and then my sister and her family joined us--so much fun!
Margaret was definitely more comfortable at the beach this second time around . . . another postcard shot . . .
Daddy and Margaret looking for shark teeth

Margaret relaxing in a tide pool

Margaret LOVED Hudson's rides on the boogie board in the tide pools!

Charlie was a GREAT assistant!

He even showed Margaret how to fill up the bucket.

Here's a shot all the cousins playing in the tide pool. Katherine had just received tubes in her ears, so she needed a little assistance in the water.

Happy Birthday Uncle Josh!

Fourth of July on Monteagle mountain.
Here we are watching the parade in Sewanee.

Margaret loves helping Mama Susie cook!

She also loves giving kisses and love to Daddaddy!

Unfortunately, Margaret had to experience her second surgery in July. For much of May and all of June she had a cold and ear infection after ear infection, so she had to get tubes in both ears. They seem to be working . . . thanks Dr. C.!
Here she is in her hospital gown getting ready for the long 5 minute surgery. Once again, she did not like waking up from the anesthesia.

We also had our first trip to the emergency room in July. We were having a wonderful Saturday morning getting ready to meet some friends at the pool. Wade and I were brushing our teeth, while Margaret walked into our shower, which she does frequently to hand us our shampoo. However, this time Margaret decided to put her right hand through the small gap between the glass door (the side with the hinges) and the glass wall and shut the door with her left hand. It was AWFUL. Her middle right finger immediately started to swell, and it took us a minute to get it out. Blood was gushing from the top of her finger, so we headed to the ER and cancelled our pool date. I won't go into the details of the ER visit because I let things roll off my back now, remember? I will say it was an awful 5 hour experience with a fresh out of med school resident who wouldn't let me speak to the attending and was very excited about his position in the ER. Anyway . . . Margaret walked away with a tiny fracture in the top of her finger, a few stitches, and a full arm cast!

Poor thing . . . have you ever tried to explain to an eighteen month old that she is going to have to keep that "club" on her arm for 10 days and she can't use her fingers during that time?
Not fun!
Thank you Dr. G. for saving the day. Three days later we visited a wonderful pediatric orthopaedic doctor and he evaluated Margaret's finger and said the full arm cast wasn't necessary!
In August, we celebrated Margaret's success and growth at the annual Baptist Hospital NICU Birthday Party . . . what a blessing those doctors and nurses are . . . thank you!
Miss Moo was scared of the Titans Cheerleaders but loved the football!

Even with tubes in our ears, we enjoyed many days at the pool. Here's Margaret at G-G-Ma's pool enjoying some down time with her buddies Crosby and John Christopher.

The pool at the Maryland Farms YMCA was also a big hit!

Our last trip of the summer was to Morganton, NC to see my sister and her family.
We needed to celebrate Katherine turning one and my sister's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lolli!
Sorry for getting confetti on your glasses!

Walking on the Greenway in Morganton


Picking apples at the orchard in Morganton

Gosh, this is hard work!

Cousin shot . . . say apples!

Mother's Day Out
Margaret started mother's-day-out a few weeks ago. I was getting nervous about how she would react to this weekly adventure, but she seems to like it so far. She cries a little when I first leave but settles down quickly. We're still working on the take a nap at school part, but she'll adjust one of these days.
Her first lunch . . . did she eat it? No, but one of these days, right?

Getting ready to leave for the first day of school.

Everyone's excited . . . Mabel says, "I'll eat the lunch!"

She was so excited to see me at the end of the day.

Standing on the steps

Her good buddy Crosby is in the same class!

Nashville Zoo
Checking out the gibbons . . . I love Crosby's expression . . . the gibbons were making some pretty funny noises!

Margaret loved it!

Crosby soon caught on too! So cute!

They also loved the play area at the end.

I love this face . . . it looks exactly like Wade in his childhood photographs.

Look, Miss M. and Miss L.! I do know how to nap!

Can it get any better? I love our Miss Margaret! She makes every day a treasure!