Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We took a family trip last weekend to Gentry's Farm in Franklin. It was a gorgeous Sunday, and a perfect day for some pumpkin pickin'! We met our friends, the Malones, out there for some afternoon fun! (Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch was closed due to weeks of wet weather.)
Here's a great shot of our little lamb and her Alaskan mountain climber, Crosby, in the corn maze! I don't think they really understood the concept of the corn maze; they were a little bored with the rows of corn (maybe next year).

Next we stood in line for the hayride . . . for about 20 minutes! It was a long line (see below).
We have such good little babies; they waited patiently for the ride without too much fuss.

It was well worth the wait--such a peaceful ride over the beautiful farm.

Perfect day!

Got milk? Miss Moo was a little jealous.

Comfy in her Daddy's arms

Family photo on the hayride

Then on to a photo shoot with the pumpkins . . .

I just love those baby blue eyes and that curious expression!

Crosby was hilarious--he kept throwing his hands up in the air. It was so cute! I think Margaret felt a little jealous, because her pumpkin didn't have a stem.
Don't you just love their matching outfits?

Or maybe Margaret was just amazed that she saw a few more stars. Nicole and Keith (yes, we're on a first name basis) were standing just a few feet away from our photo shoot--pretty cool!

Where did my stem go?

Sandy the goat meets Margaret.

Margaret enjoyed staring at her boyfriend and his mom through the rooster pen.

In the mini-maze with the moms. . .
(Notice the full diapers--I think it was time for a changing.)

On the antique church pew

I love this next one. Margaret is saying, "Mommy, please stop taking pictures of me. I am cold and want to go home!"

All in all it was a great afternoon. It definitely got us in the mood for fall. I can't wait to make pumpkin bread, carve our pumpkin, and sit by the fire. Every adventure now is so much sweeter, because we have Margaret Belle in our lives.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Little Light of Mine

A year ago this week I started this blog to share the story of our little man, James Walter. To celebrate him. To remember him.

I was reminded today from my dear friend, Danielle, that today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. A day set aside to honor our precious ones.

Wade and I don't really need a special day to remember James. We think about him constantly. Actually, I thought about him just a few hours ago when I was shopping for Margaret. I wandered over into the boy aisle and admired some of the adorable 18 month Christmas outfits. What would he look like now? What would he be able to say? I guess I will do that the rest of my life.
One thing I do know for sure is that James was a gift from God, and he will continue to shine his light in our hearts. And I know that some day we will meet again. . .
To James Walter
Tonight we light this candle in remembrance of you.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 Months Old

Our little punkin pie turned 9 Months Old last Friday morning! I can't believe we actually have a 9 month old ---crazy!!! Sometimes I stop and think about it and tears start streaming down my cheeks. We are so blessed to have this little miracle here; she has stolen our hearts with her love and precious personality. I just wish I could slow things down; it's going too fast!
As a 9 month old, Miss Moo is full of wonder and curiosity. She really studies people and their faces. You know you have passed in Miss Moo's book, when minutes later she rewards you with her beaming smile and bright eyes. Sometimes you even get a raise of the eyebrows, and that's when you know you are really special.
These last two weeks have been filled with many challenges and changes. Margaret turned into a different animal, always irritable and clingy. She would not let me put her down, and she wouldn't sleep in her crib for more than 20 minutes. So she slept the last week in a half right in between mommy and daddy---not ideal and not a habit we want to start. Don't get me wrong. I love cuddling with her and waking up right next to my baby, but I do need some time alone every once in a while. Plus, I think we all sleep better when she is in her own bed.
She either had a little cold plus teething or growth spurt. I really don't know, but (knock on wood) I think this little phase is starting to pass. (She took a wonderful afternoon nap today (2 1/2 hours). Plus, she went down for the night in her own bed, and she's still there!)
Margaret went for her 9 Month Check-Up today, and she received a great report. She weighs 15 lbs. 11 oz. (8th percentile--up from 5th) and is 26 inches long (also 8th percentile--finally on the charts in this measurement). Her head continues to thrive with a circumference of 45 cm (75th percentile--up from 55th). She is pushing up (see above), sitting independently, reaching for objects, rolling with a purpose, picking up tiny objects, smiling, laughing, playing, and eating solids. She falls developmentally somewhere between 7 and 9 months--right where she should be, so we are very proud of her!!! Hopefully, we will master crawling or scooting soon.
Waiting for dinner

My family came over last week to celebrate Mama Susie's birthday. Here is a great shot of Miss Moo with Daddaddy and Uncle Josh (that's what the nephews call him, even though his name is Jonathan).
You can't tell, but they all have beautiful blue eyes!
Happy Birthday, Mama Susie!!
Miss Curious in action!
Wade celebrated his 15 year reunion last weekend at Ensworth. Here is a sweet shot of cousin Mac holding Margaret. Mac was celebrating his 10 year.

Later that evening some of Wade's classmates gathered for a fiesta, and cousin Sinclair was there. Margaret gave her a little lovin'!
Daddy reading to Miss Moo---precious!

Trying out her new fleece--should we go with the hot pink? or pale pink?