Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Cupcake

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Margaret!

Happy Birthday to you!

Last Saturday on Margaret's real birthday we had a little cupcake party with family and a few close friends. It was freezing outside; ice covered the driveway; Wade and I were up all night with a stomach virus (we thought it was food poisoning); however, we still managed to have an incredible party for our little sweetheart.

A few weeks ago my friends, Danielle and Joanna, had a great idea to make birthday banners for our babies. First, I made the one on the door. Then I settled on colors and theme, which meant I just had to make another one. (I know, I am a huge dork--oh well!) Then I made the invitations, her birthday book, and party hat. (Watch out, Martha!)

Margaret actually kept the hat on longer than I expected.

She looked adorable in her little cupcake bubble!

Of course, we served cupcakes from my new favorite bakery, Naticakes, in downtown Franklin. They even made a large cupcake for Margaret to dive into! Unfortunately, she wasn't too sure about that sticky icing.

Pretty Sweet
She found the balloons more interesting than the cake. We still have a few balloons around the house, and she loves finding them! We'll walk into the living room and she'll say, "Ba rooons" or "Oooons". First word?

Ba roons
I knew the hat wouldn't last long! Poor thing!

After cupcakes, we opened presents . . . so many wonderful toys, books, utensils, and clothes!

Yay, Margaret! She always claps when you say, "Yay!"

Can you tell we were a little under the weather?

It meant so much to us to celebrate this happy occasion and be surrounded by our family and friends on this special day. We've been counting down the days for months. Exactly, one year ago, Wade and I were scared to death. We didn't know what to expect with our new arrival. Would she continue to thrive? Would she have any long term health issues? Would she be happy and healthy on her first birthday?

One year later . . . she continues to grow at her own pace on her own curve. She doesn't have any long term health problems, just some clogged tear ducts (we have to see a pediatric opthamologist next week to see if we need surgery). And she is happy and healthy on her first birthday and surrounded by those who love her the most!

Daddaddy and Mama Susie

Uncle Neil and Grandpa Steve

(Grandma Emmie went to Market in Atlanta that weekend.)

Uncle Josh

(My sister and her family threw Margaret a party before they left in December, because they couldn't make it back---poor Hudson was not too happy about missing it!)


Great-Granddaddy Bob

Can I have those glasses please?

Great Uncle Walter

The Pages

Cousin Florence and Great Aunt Libby

The Kellys

Great Uncle Owen, Cousin Sinclair, Great Aunt Ann, and Cousin Mac

The Kellys

Great Uncle Mark, Great Aunt Mary Herbert, and Cousin Anna Russell

The Malones

Miss Danielle, Crosby, and Dr. Blake

Happy Girls

Miss Tricia

The Oziers

Mr. John and Miss Linsay

The Smiths

Miss Angie, Jackson, and Mr. Whit

By the way, she is pulling up and cruising now.

I just love this curious face--that profile is precious!

A very tired girl . . . Night Night!

You are so dear to us, Margaret Belle!
Your birthday will always remind us of what a blessing you are!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

At 11:43 a.m. one year ago Margaret Belle was born. We cannot believe a whole year has passed. Last year at this time we were holding on to hope that Margaret's lungs would continue to develop in NICU and that the Lord would give her the strength to keep thriving. All of our prayers were answered. Not only did she leave the NICU sooner than predicted she now weighs almost five times more than when she was born and is more than a foot longer.

Miss Moo is also healthy in spirit. She seems to be an old soul, very pensive. You just see those wheels turning, and it makes you wonder what is she thinking. She has a great little chuckle that she shares when she finds something comical, and her smile lights up every room. Lately she loves to sing and point at objects and say "da"; everything is "da". She also loves exploring, always very curious to how things work and what they do.

Wade and I are so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. Enjoy this video we made to celebrate her first year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well. . . it has been a little busy around here with many holiday parties and family gatherings. So I apologize for the delay in updates, but we have had so much fun with our angel this holiday season. So many firsts . . . Christmas trees, stockings, Christmas Eve service, presents, pulling up, standing, Santa, Christmas carols, sweets, parties, clapping, falls (don't ask), and one never-ending runny nose.
I had to remind myself throughout the last few weeks to sit back and enjoy this miracle. Wade and I have been blessed with the birth of Jesus, with family and friends, with health, and with a very special daughter. She was my favorite gift this year. Last year at this time I was on bedrest in the hospital, holding on to faith, and longing to meet my Margaret Belle. How could I ask for more in life? I have an incredible husband and a beautiful baby girl.
Her first Christmas . . . so special to me.

On our sixth anniversary, we took Margaret to Walk Through Bethlehem. It was our first time to do this, and even though the line was very long and it was freezing outside, it was definitely worth it. Margaret loved the Bethlehem market and all of the live animals.

Margaret's first encounter with a camel

One night we traveled down to a nearby neighborhood to see some impressive lights and had a chance to meet Santa. Once again it was very cold, so we didn't try very long for that perfect photo--oh well.
Margaret's first encounter with Santa

On Christmas Eve, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Rick's house. We opened presents and played in Margaret's first Radio Flyer wagon--she loves it!
Margaret and Daddy in front of her Grandparents' tree

Riding in her new wagon!
Later that evening we attended the 5 o'clock service at Westminster. Margaret didn't last very long in the nursery, so she sat in my lap for the last thirty minutes. She really liked the candles and all of the music. Then we stopped by Wade's cousins' house for some cocktails before taking Miss Moo home to bed.

On Christmas morning, we enjoyed the first few hours at our house while Margaret played with her toys from Santa and looked through her stocking (mostly socks and bath toys). Then we gathered at my parents' house for more presents and stockings.
Margaret still in her pjs with Uncle Josh

Mama Susie and Daddaddy gave Margaret her first doll for Christmas.
I have to admit I thought she was just going to throw it aside and have more interest in the box. However, she loved it! She kept touching her face and smiling when we squeezed it (it makes a noise).
Margaret telling Mama Susie thank you!
Around noon we headed over to GiGi-Ma's house for Christmas Dinner. It was delicious and Grandma Rick was even in her new personalized Titans jersey---too bad they couldn't pull out a win that evening!

The next day my sister and her family arrived. So we enjoyed celebrating with them for the next few days. I can't wait until Margaret is old enough to run around the house with her cousins and play with all of their toys. We had to keep a close eye on all of my nephews' little toys and gadgets--too many pieces!

Margaret thinks every baby is a doll and that she can just stick her fingers in their mouth and eyes. Poor Katherine!
My sister and her family can't make it back for Margaret's first birthday, so Aunt Lolli threw a little birthday party for Margaret before they left---so sweet! Margaret thought the little cake was very interesting. She really enjoyed squeezing it and pulling it apart.

Family shot at the birthday party

Margaret, Wade, and I escaped to the mountain house after all of the holiday festivities to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation. It was great--lots of sleeping, some snow, and a few visits with friends.

My good friend, Ellen, is living in Poland for the year. She stopped by for lunch on New Years Day with her family and boyfriend, Bjorn. She was on her way to the Atlanta airport to fly back to Poland. We had a great meal including the lucky black-eyed peas and cornbread! It was a fun afternoon and a great way to ring in the New Year!

Finally--enjoy this sweet video of Christmas morning!

(I've tried to upload this video for hours. It is not working, but I'll keep trying. Check-in later.)