Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome home, Wells!

Enjoy the last week or so in pictures!
I don't have time to write all the details, but the pictures really tell it all.

Having a little skin to skin time with my sweet man.
First time in Mama Susie's arms

Sleeping Angel

(They had to tape his feeding tube to his face, so that it would stay in place.)

Margaret meets Wells.

We had to wait for her to get over her stomach bug and virus to meet Wells, and she did a great job!
First Family Photo

Peek-a-boo. I see you!

(in the words of Margaret)

Saying goodbye to the intermediate section of the NICU.

He moved later that day to the official step-down area of the NICU and only stayed there two days.

The neonatologist, Dr. R., called us on New Years Eve and asked if we wanted to take Wells home today or next year--- Ha ha! Obviously, we chose to take him home on New Years Eve. We've only been waiting to take him home for two weeks!

Saying goodbye to our last pod in the NICU.

We had many wonderful nurses in the NICU this time around. Actually we knew many of them from Margaret's stay there. One of our favorties was Danielle. She was even there to help us discharge. It gives you such a peace of mind to know that your precious angel is being taken care of by qualified nurses who really care about you and your baby. Thank you, Baptist NICU nurses and doctors!

This picture cracks me up . . . my babies love their hands. Wells was breech just like his sister and always had his hands and feet up by his face.

Bye bye, NICU.

There was a little surprise waiting downstairs when Margaret got up from her nap.

This might be one of my all time favorite photos. It just warms my heart!

How blessed am I? I have an amazing husband and two precious children here on earth to care for and love. God is good!

You can almost hear Margaret's thoughts in this picture. How much does she understand?

Margaret loves Wells!

Our precious family of four.

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Laura Bailey said...

What wonderful pictures! Absolutely love the one of Margaret giving Wells a hug:) Wish we could steal a hug too. Love you four!